Family Affair

Any fairness to the narration of my Hari Raya weekend would be a caption story for its colour would only fade in elaborate words. Let the photos relay the human experience in the most unpretentious setting.

1. The virginal experience of flying firefly was nothing short of a ‘WOW’ and spared myself from a ‘balik kampung’ foreplay as travelling time was shortened.

2. Congregational prayers with the extended family is a rare occasion. The gift of Hari Raya is in bringing everyone under one roof. There was even a ‘tazkirah’ by ‘pakcik’ and we shared our disgust over a recent dubious fiasco involving a DAP politician reported to deliver one in a surau which missed the important fact that ONLY a Muslim can do so. It was followed by ‘takbir raya’ and since it was the eve of Aidilfitri there was no ‘tarawih’.

3. Grew up without him around most of the time and looking at this pic, quality time may have been lost over the years but never an inch of love had left us both.

4. What is a celebration without aidi@brutecards creation. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

5. Team Yazid. We are an entity.

6. Team Gilliland. Give a white man baju melayu and throw him in a kampung, all the makcik will go gaga.



7. ‘Circumcision brothers’- we went through the passage together and ‘foreskin’ buried years later, the experience is a bond that lives on in us forever.

8. First raya open house for this year and for my katherine. It was a crazy bunch according to her as we played taboo and teased each other murderously =p but i assured her, we all love each other. I mean look at our portrait we are soo innocent…



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