Man need food,shelter and love. It may not be elaborate but suffice to say it caters to a modest life. Perhaps 47 years after the birth of ‘Malaysians’, nationhood had given everyone an identity.

My home is my sanctuary, and of course it is the safest place for me. I can enter and leave whenever i want because my family own the house. Of course if i had rented out, the place will be regarded as my home as well because i have been accorded with a licence to stay. But what about Malaysia? Are we free to say that everyone owns the country or are some still renting out?

I mean i’m just saying if i had marry a chinese and our kid marries an indian, will my grandchild be respected as Malaysian or would his/her ethnicity still be tied down to me?

Today is the day where everyone should celebrate the ideals of nationhood and despite some questions can never be answered fairly, i say worry not. For as long as we respect each other as family and continuously show love, Malaysia will be a shelter for everyone.

Thank you Malaysians! Love you I am a Malaysian Boy!


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