Jerry Maguire

When you’re driving alone for a 300Km stretch, the journey grants you time for contemplation. Something of a luxury these days, taking a breather i believe is what we need to organise our thoughts.

Gua Musang,Kelantan will be my camp for the next 2 weeks in serving the good old paper.  I shall not deliberate on the mission here as you could read all about it for RM1.20.Today’s word however will be on reporting an observation of life.

Shortchanging goals and delegating accountability is the culture in this country. It is demoralising and instills self doubt that is cancerous for development.  When you’re subjugated, you stop believing in yourself. This is when the problem begins.

You start avoiding things,people, something without a valid reason. It is sickening and you feel weak,insecure and pathetic. This is when you say fuck off to the source of misery.

Nothing differentiates employment and enslavement when respect is non existent on the former. I am not referring to authoritative recognition but to the basic tenets of a human being. You fear uncertainty and allow to be humiliated.

Friends are good source to reflect on things. They harbour better discretion than colleagues.

The world is your platter if ..(fill in the blanks of what you want)…is your appetite. I am not Jerry Maguire despite writing this in my hotel room in the middle of the night while still being employed, i guess enough is enough when you start asking yourself why are you doing this.

Right now it’s an adventure


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