Teaching the heart

It takes a great deal to admit your mistake. Our ego play a great deal in denying accountability as we ask ourselves ‘why should I be the one apologising?’

Many shy from seeking forgiveness because of their ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Perhaps if they had taken the time to contemplate over each word and action, most conflicts would end amicably.

Sweetening the bitterness of life is what forgiveness is all about. It must first be treated as an act of celebration as it frees our conscience. We must rejoice the amends made to a strained relationship and be reminded that we may not be the perpetrator, nor shall we be victimised by own ignorance.

You should not hold back thoughts in avoiding the ‘constipation of emotion’. No matter how rough the situation is, you must learn to forgive and move on with life.

In time the wound may heal and of course availability of networking tools will be treated as an opportunity. Unfortunately it could also be misused for ‘cakap belakang’ (gossiping) culture to vent our outburst of emotion when overwhelmed by frustration.

Reality of a situation is that sometimes it is impossible to reach out those who stand behind walls of moral superiority, authority or they just do not care about you anymore. It is not for you to question or judge them for their behavior, because forgiveness must first come from you.

I may not agree with the moral blame I have accepted from others but why should I be a hypocrite and refuse to practice what I preach. There are times when I find it easier to just ignore the challenges and organise my thoughts accordingly.

There is no point in investing time and energy hating someone over a misdeed because at the end of it, the lesson worths more than the loss.


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