Took a beating during the first week of a beginning. Rough start for a promising year, safe for a useful reminder, your present is a product of past thoughts.

I have 357 days more to end it with a bang!

Plenty to share from career change, forbidden love, healthier living, and ultimately a new undertaking. Bear with me and I shall bare it all.

Meanwhile, I have written a resolution which will be carried in my wallet through the year.

1. To be able to eat 500gm Wagyu steak every weekend without affecting my disposable income.

2. Get mama fresh flowers every week.

3. Buy A-a a Coach handbag.

4. Spend more time with Ayong and Abg Idris in S’pore.

5. Earn a living like a rockstar.

6. Start singing in a band. (Not related to number 5)

7. Pay for Ducatti Monster 696 in cash.

8. Revamping wardrobe with an attitude of royalty in fashion.

9. Cure the racial stigma.

10. Live happily ever after with Kat.

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