A day to celebrate love in unison.

In the recent wake of viral hatred toward a person with authority who spoke with prejudice,  the most sensible reaction from us was to preach love instead.

“A prophet is not someone with special visions, just someone blind to most of what others see.”  The power of advocacy does not lie in the message, but the conviction a person has amidst an unforgiving status quo.

I was left high and dry after what had been the most beautiful relationship in my life, ended simply because of my race and religion.  Our present state was not enough to guarantee a future.

I was confused, angry, disappointed, and stopped believing in love. My respect for them waned every time i think of the harsh remarks made on my race and religion.  I was being a hypocrite.

Tears bring friends together as they say, and a good pal shared his wisdom to never lose sight of what you believe in.

When i was younger, dad  advised to never judge someone’s moral because it is their exercise of autonomy.  Why argue about what is not right to us when we can share our ideals to make a convincing stand.

If love brings happiness, then let us all share the word and smash the walls around our heart and mind that is blocking the ray of hope.

At a friend’s tahlil for his dad, Datuk Adnan Mohd Tahir, the love i felt from the crowd for this man and his family was deep and genuine. There is no justice in describing it in words as one should have been there to experience it.  The power of emotion drowns our soul, so why should we fill it other than love?

Let us all celebrate love and we don’t even have to call it Valentine’s day because life is meaningless once your heart loses the ability to care for someone other than yourself.

I love you abah, mama, ayong, abang idris, a-a and my bromies, Hashim and Adly.



  1. I like this post very much. What’s important is love, not prejudice or hate. Too often people think one religion is right, more superior, better, blah blah blah. Rubbish. Love and equality among mankind is more important than trying to prove one’s superiority over another.

  2. 11 years ago, I ended a relationship of 5 years, because of “wrong” race and religion. I’m not going to say that the situation in this country had made it difficult for me to consider mandatory religious belief and so I ran away from it all. I realised later on that love requires courage and faith. I didn’t have the courage to try and the faith to believe that everything will be fine at the end of the day. I hope you will find the courage to love and the faith to believe that it will be all be ok.

  3. i love you adikku. and hashim and adly, and everyone who’s on my baby bro’s blog. today is a celebration of love, love for the prophet, love for the family, love for for fashion. okay, not making sense but show your love for everyone today!

  4. Straight back at ya bro!

    Very insightful but life deals us tough situations every now and then…as long as we live and learn we will always be stronger for these experiences and hopefully more loveable in the long run 🙂 I worked out a while ago that our differences are not “wrong” they’re just differences.

    We all come from different places and families and in the inimitable words of Groove Armada:

    “If everyobody looked the same we’d get tired of looking at each other”

    #1 life lesson – embrace change and our differences! Fight it at your peril.

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