Maulidur Rasul

Islam is an ummah religion.

The prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was an egalitarian who redefined the way of life in a corrupt society.  His Divine Inspiration came from Allah in the cave of Hira during his meditation.

A friend once shared his good word on the distinction between brand awareness and brand advocacy.

“We all know Hitler. Everyone is familiar with the infamous moustache and Swastika. But do we share his ideas with others?”

Brand awareness: knowledge of brand’s existence

Brand advocacy: influencing another of the brand

“Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence” (Joseph  Wood Krutch)

“It is an instrument for bolstering a prejudice,” (Elbert Hubbard)

It is illogical that a religion would preach discrimination,terror,corruption and other form of evil. Yet some choose to accept it as blind truth out of ignorance.

There is nothing wrong with Islam, only a case of bad Muslims. Wallahuallam


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