Our national burger.

If you have a wife who is 6 months pregnant and cries for food at 2.30am on a weekday, you’d ask yourself where can one get decent ‘nutritious’ food with enough flavour?

Well years ago a man who just lost his job had a lot to worry about as his wife was pregnant with their first baby. The fate of his family looked bleak.

He googled for job opportunities and porn in between for relief. The man’s sleeping pattern had not been the usual which would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for his pregnant wife.

One night his wife threw a tantrum demanding something with enough protein and carbs! Only god knows why she highlighted that instead of asking for a specific dish, but the man realised months ago that preggos always have ridicilous demands.

A loving husband he was, rushed out of home at 1.58am to find food for his beloved wife. Only minutes later he discovers that he was broke and only had RM3 in his wallet. He felt useless and broke into tears thinking his vow to be the family’s provider was broken.

During his weakest moment he turned to his right and saw a yellow lorry selling burgers. It gave him hope once again, and as he read the menu, the cheapest burger was RM3.50. He felt hopeless once again.

It was then, as though God heard his plea and intervened through the unwarranted kind gesture of a teenager who had just finished playing DOTA at a cafe nearby, who dropped 50 sen from his pocket.

That night he managed to feed his pregnant wife thanks to the boy. Months later, he opened a burger stall selling the cheapest burger at RM3 to redeem his soul.

The burger stall is located in front of a cyber cafe in PJ.

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