Virgin Runners

Young, wild and free men are full of vigour.

It was a beautiful night and we were looking for something dumb to do but we definitely did not want to get married! (unlike Bruno Mars’ dubious taste for romance behind a sweet song)

Well for some men who are virgins in serious running, 8km (which we only found out next day) at 12 am seem like a dumb yet fun thing to do.  Saujana Residency was our new playground.

For those who are serious in getting fit, the main challenge is in executing the idea itself. Hashim realised he needed to be pushed for a practical workout regime hence i was entrusted leading him towards this goal.

In the beginning i really thought the novelty of running late would just die off and the conversation about fitness will rise again over a yumcha session, as always. I feel that the problem with most people is when they treat the fundamentals of fitness differently than other pursuits in life . What is lacking in their routine is consistency.

Here are the easy steps to get you running:

1. Grab your most ‘kokak’ (lousy) shoes. Designer running shoes are for later in life when you’re running in a park to find a gf.

2.Pick a suitable time, my suggestion early day or night because we live in Malaysia. After work is a good idea as well but till today i have never net someone who would cancel out a yumcha session to run. It’s just not practical.

3.Start with a light jog without any set distance. Treat running like golf, the only person you’re trying to beat is yourself.

4.Run with someone you can share a good conversation. Let’s face it, ipod and mp3 players is cool but that opportunity to bond with your bromie or perhaps your spouse is much more rewarding.

5.Go to your nearest mamak for some tandoori and teh bunga after the run. Because you earned it.

To date, Hafiz has joined us for the run and i’m proud of the boys. 8km in less than an hour, 3 times a week. If that is not consistency then perhaps your sex life isn’t consistent as well. Cheers

*If you’re interested to join us just roger. We’re not that fit, just confident virgin runners.


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