International Women’s Day

Made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Sometimes these girls can also be a vice.

I love and respect women. Growing up with 3 women in the house certainly taught me everything there is to know on the feminine struggle. I was constantly reminded on the subject;love and sacrifice of a mother and wife living away from her husband, the right way to speak to a woman suffering from PMS, and how to reason with their erratic thoughts.

Although it would be unfair to not attribute the years of training i have received from the women dated, befriended, and worked with. Their valuable insight further reiterate the belief that women are truly special.

This blessing of course can be a curse to some men who have fallen prey, thus it is best to read Robert Greene’s, Art of Seduction to prepare one better.

Today will not be the day where i deliberate the game of romance, feminism and its exploits or other related social dilemmas. But only to share the different kind of traits in a woman i want by my side.

The wife

She has faith in you no matter what. A reflection of your values as they say and bak kata orang tua bagaikan pinang dibelah dua.

The girlfriend

She is positive about life and willing to make that run with you. Relationships are like marathons, if she can’t take the pressure in the short run, what makes you think marriage would be any easier?

The best friend

When someone sees you at the gym with a hot friend helping you out, they see trust and commitment. And of course you get a taste of attention. Appearance builds confidence.

The fundamental law is to always love yourself first.



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