“I strongly believe that we can get over this great earthquake and tsunami by joining together.” (Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan)

Our heart cries for the Japanese facing their worst crisis since World War II. The ripple effect of such disaster has brought a global audience in prayer for the country responsible in improving our quality of life through their Samurai enigma, Manga, Anime, Harajuku couture and Adult entertainment.

Reports on the disaster went viral on every social media network which i believe had made life easier for most journalists, world leaders, and everyone affected to remain informed.

I gather that most of us are gung ho to help only  lacking an action plan. Humanity paints a beautiful picture yet what is ideal may not always be practical. Be sure to read on the post disaster hazard such as radiation level around the affected area before boarding the next flight to Japan. Assess the situation and do not be guided by blind motivation.

You could also choose one of the 7 ways to help the victims as advised in Mashable.com Read through and if you feel that there are other innovative ways, feel free to share it. Let us play our role as part of the global community.

Ultimately we would come to realise that a simple prayer is enough to feed the soul of a helpless bystander. Show love and sympathy in the wake of such calamity and if you wish to remain oblivion, just keep it to yourself instead of going public on your insensitivity like one of our Malay daily.

Although we should not treat it as our general sentiment as Malaysia’s MERCY had sent a team of four to assess the situation 2 days ago and god willingly upon their return, a strategic plan will be laid to send a bigger team.

Just drop a prayer when you can.


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