World Poetry Day

Every beaver speaks of Bieber

Blasphemous cry of some boy fever

Kim Kardashian would have cried a river

Seeing his Wiener was a third of Ray J’s little finger.

Poetry, poetry, poetry. A reason to repeat a word thrice and call it poetic.  The world celebrated poetry day on March 21st with less flair than what gay Shakespeare would have expected.

An embodiment of one’s understanding in metaphors and rules of grammar without shackles of form but only depth, the poet makes love in the war of words and emotion.

Poetry is an art of seducing your audience with moral conviction. It is not always about the classics, value of words are endless and if i may stretch the notion further, pickup lines can be great poetry too and vice versa.


1. “Seeing you is like a prayer, you make me say oh God every time”

2.”Why should Everest be the peak man wish to conquer, when the heart of a woman is more rewarding than ever”

3.”9 months of labour is what you paid for me, and it’s only fair if i love you forever mummy”

Now, sharpen those thoughts and be true to your soul, start writing to your loved ones before you know it’s too late.


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