Scrabble dabble

Players scrabble for tiles in a sack and lay them on racks.

As they dabble in the sea of words worthy of a gamble, winning takes to know words like aa-a volcanic rock and zzzs-an informal word for sleep. Leaving amateurs guessing and challenging to their dismay.

Sunday brings a different perspective in life. Brain fart  is a democratic exercise, showering is an act of luxury, sloths can outrun humans any second and a workout would mean Yogic postures in bed.

Blasphemous! One should not waste a great day of the weekend. Every week i will get up by 10.30am and train my friend at the gym, followed by a healthy post-workout lunch. If a person demanded companionship, it would have been an evening date as we celebrate the final hours of our weekend before tragic Monday.

But, a weekend filled with exciting activities will give you the high following week! Got mine from joining the Scrabble competition @ Popular bookstore Sunway Pyramid.  It was nerdy fun!

A  ritual to participate in these sort of random event with my sis A-a, who left for India next day, it turned out to be a perfect way to spend quality time.

Both groggy from lack of sleep and totally unprepared for serious competition. It did not help  seeing some players holding a word list and mumbling to themselves. I grumbled to A-a about how we should have memorised the dictionary night before instead of partying! Of course i was joking cos who on earth does that for their weekend, pffft.

So i laid a plan to overcome our terror.

The Plan

1. Ask the other player when was the last time they got laid hoping it would trigger depression and make them resign from the game.

2. Pretend replying work emails when in fact we’re checking words before playing it.

3. Exchange tiles among ourselves so both of us could cheat our way to win 1st and 2nd place.

4. Promise the player to be  introduced to a-a’s hot friend if they let us win.

Of course none of the above tactics were employed and we played fair and square because…we weren’t playing normal Scrabble. We were playing Trickster!

Imagine Scrabble and Monopoly Chance card combined. Meaning, you’ll be caught off guard with some Trick cards that would let you steal your opponent’s score, reveal their tiles and play more than a word among others. In a nutshell, it becomes a word party game! Woohoo!

Party games no longer have to be sleazy-Twister,  boring-Cho Tai Ti (or some call it World) intimidating- Truth or Dare, depressing-Jenga (move the blocks) Although it still requires sobriety and Uno is still the most reliable game to be played under influence. It is still an awesomely fun game.

Despite believing i know a few more words compared to an average man, (angkat bakul) Scrabble also demand a solid strategy. You need to know how to score in tight corners and a fruitful advice from our lovely organiser Mrs Yap sums it up.

it’s about mastering the two and three letter word

After witnessing a kiasu player who chose to play in the lower category because he wanted to win the grand prize unethically, i realised for some, it is about winning and not learning new words in a fun atmosphere.

Did he not realise that his antics was like meaningless sex? Well maybe more like masturbation since he hasn’t had any and the greatest orgasm for him was to scrabble the sack. Get it? Hehe…okay i’m bitter.

Winning is about doing it with style and confidence. You can still be a winner when you choose to lose the battle today and win the war tomorrow.

Well for what it’s worth, i made two cool new friends Marcus and Sam. One an aspiring biologist and a doctor. And…i also taught them how to knuckle punch.

Those interested to play may still do so this weekend at Ikano on Sunday.

I look dashing don’t i? Hehe..



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