Not so energized

Batteries are not made to last forever but brands should.

Have brands not learn from the social media catastrophe of United Airlines who broke Dave Carroll’s guitar?  Or Domino’s ‘failure to respond below 30mins’ to a video of its employees blowing mucous on a sandwich? Point is: Social media expedites death to the oblivious. 

I’m no marketing guru so i’ll address this at a personal level. Imagine you had gone into a girl’s toilet by accident. As you defecate what could have been last night’s curry and Heineken, the sound of girls giggling made you realise this mistake. What do you do? You quickly wash yourself and wait for an escape cue.

While in the process,you wet your pants around the crotch region and before you could let it dry, a silent backdrop created that window of opportunity for an exit. God and His divine sense of humour however, left few girls in there adjusting their bra and makeup. The awkward scene appeared as if you jizzed in your pants.

Now imagine if the girls had tweet,blogged,created a page by deliberately (or unfairly) calling you a pervert. Your name is discussed every second with damaging effect for that matter because you choose to remain silent, treating it as an incident that will soon be forgotten. Guess what pal, internet is here to stay and so are the stories posted.

On the Energizer Night Run, the organiser, Expose (funny name)  is liable but your brand name is accountable. Credibility is gained through good PR. If the running event was a franchise to boost your brand name, how could you hold one in future if the running community boycotted anything to do with you!

Amateur runners know that the top prizes are beyond reach yet we still want to be rewarded for our effort. Let’s be honest, by taking part itself was an above average feat in this country because running is just not part of an accepted lifestyle.

I started VirginRunners with some mates not too long ago hoping our competition debut would be the KL Towerthon Challenge Prior to this, my experience in the 5km run was a modest record of 24 minutes. Imagine if a group of newcomers in the running scene were to be welcomed by the Energizer Night Run catastrophe.

In a nutshell:

1. Insufficient headlights for a night run

2. Poor signage

3. Limited water station

4. No finishing medals

5. No goodie bags (considering the fee imposed on participants)

Because of no headlights, what if you trip and fall on a wood pile? (hypothetically since i doubt there’s any in Sepang F1)

Fortunately no one actually died.   Although “Runner’s run out of battery”, “It was a dry cell run” would have made a great headline instead of Star’s “Participants run down organiser of night marathon”

As of this point damage control would be….

Change their name to Re-energized. We ran away from you once, but we’re here to make it right again.

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  1. Hahahah I heard from so many people how epically awful it was. And I live all the way up in Scotland. So if they’re not doing anything to remedy this issue, they’re screwing themselves up royally.

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