Mother’s day

Mothers keep you safe in her womb and continue to create a safe space after you are born. Guided by love and fear for her child, a mother’s natural instinct is to fend for her young.

We can never understand her reasoning but her love is genuine. One would also come to realise over the years that equating a mother’s sacrifice was not plausible.

The safe space one speaks of, is an environment where growth is ours to bear. Our actions derive from logic, but why must emotional depth be completely cast aside? Mothers may sound archaic, but do we reason only with our ego (mind) or heart as well?

I have made mistakes in the past and may continue do so in future. Only my love for Mama in present, will guide me to be a better son i hope.

We question the injustices committed towards women today by those who may seem to forget. How would they like someone to treat their mother and sisters the same, might perhaps leave their conscience linger.

How odd for us to celebrateĀ  our Valentine first, when our heart was once closest to hers. In fact the same body if you may add, so which relationship must we first honour?

Communication is the key to relationships, so why must it be any different with our mothers? Listen, understand and communicate, before you decide what is best for your soul.

Sometimes you are right but it does not mean that will always be the case. Had we kept the scoreboard of mistakes, i bet Team Mama is winning on aggregate.

Mothers make mistakes and it is for us to understand her motivation. Of the abortion, giving out for adoption and abuse cases can only come from one or few things. Fear of being alone and not knowing what to do.

Every mother has a lot on their head and let’s not forget their role as someone’s wife as well. Before you accuse her of being selfish, when was the last time she ever had time for herself?

Happy Mother’s Day Mama @Hamsiah Sidek who is now an orphan, i hope you feel safe around your husband and children. Love you.


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