An answer to everything

You don’t have all the answers in life.

A remedy over a trivial affair is the non committal response of ‘play by ear’. Something more sensible would be  ‘play by heart’.

We all share a common experience of feeling an inner void at some point and what differentiates another, is in one’s ability to fill it with inner peace.

The means of surviving in this world lies not in the act of escapism, but observing Buddha’s end to suffering wisdom by embracing circumstances with indifference.

Avoid judging a situation. Learning how to breathe is the key to living. Ask any athletes,yogi,artistes,orators,porn actors and actresses on their ability to perform – it is in their breathing technique.

These people suffer from great stress in reaching perfection, yet only the wise realise that the lesson behind was to cultivate a habit of excellence. A culmination of consistency gained from observing the heart.

A source of life. The reason you are here in the present. We yearn to live our best yet we forget how. Feelings can never lie to you. But thoughts will forever test your emotion – it is the ego.

My ramblings may not survive your analysis. I wish not to preach but to remind that all we need is just a breather. An empty mind is free from conditioned actions and reactions. It elicits a thoughtful decision.



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