Advertising Religion

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it- George Bernard Shaw

In the days of learning the theories, practices and errors of advertising, a lesson worth noting is that- you adapt better once you have understood its mechanics.

If i wanted to sell (a) religion, my brand promise is the ticket to heaven. My corporate identity will be my logo, terminologies, and anything symbolising my religion. Later endorsing a prophet as my poster boy.

The  success of my product will be measured from increasing number of followers. Now when will i know if i needed more advertising or branding? Is there a dichotomy to begin with?

Everytime my prophet speaks, he is advertising. Once others talk about the product, it is ‘word of mouth’ marketing.  Whereas a person who embraces the religion and talks about how it has changed his life is a brand advocate. Someone who uses the religion for other things, demonstrates higher value. But how do i build my religion as a brand?

I need an insight. Not just exposing benefits and differing from other religions, but giving more depth beyond the abstract image of 40 virgins and an unlimited supply of honey and milk in the afterlife. I need to deliver a naked message.

In the end, the person commissioned to write the holy book bears the burden. So what’s the brief again?

The lesson here may be blasphemous to industry experts. Peace be upon you.


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