Are you #Bersih enough?

“Kau geng Bersih ke? If betul then kau duduk jauh sikit. I’m with the govt all the way bro”, he said jokingly. Well knowing how slapstick humour is the common theme in this country, i believe such remark usually come from ignorance.

Bersih2.0 is a coalition pursuing a thorough reform of the electoral process in Malaysia.The July 9th demonstrated unity among Malaysians who were referred to as ‘rascals’ by mainstream media and brought ‘terror’ to the authorities.

My participation on that day was  not an endorsement of the opposition, nor was i being an anarchist. I was only exercising my constitutional right.

“Power of the Rakyat is like fitness. Performed regularly and you will achieve a healthier democracy” -Aidi Amin

I will not preach the righteousness of Bersih2.0 or bastardise anyone but merely express my thoughts on 709.

“Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used.”-Hunter S.  Thompson

Imagine a country where different politics would not have mattered in terms of governance. A cooperation between opposition led states with the govt of the day. Utopian? I would think not as our common goal for nation building would be further strengthened by unity. How do we achieve this?

Answer the dilemma. Simple questions such as why were some people banned form entering Sarawak during the last state election? Why must the mainstream media only remain instrumental as propaganda when it can demonstrate a higher value of educating the Rakyat.

Why deny facts when you know eventually news will reach to others through other media? Or has your Information Minister briefed you with ‘ancient’ advice. With all do respect Mr Prime Minister, do you honestly think we are that ignorant because from ‘this side of the camp of rascals’ as you bluntly put it, your administration look daft.

The difference between vanity and arrogance is that the former is about carrying a mirror everywhere you go and later is about breaking another’s mirror without remorse. Your ministers are neither. They are delusional as witnessed whenever they speak to international press and even more pathetic when they are addressing to the Rakyat.

I remember your words after the 2008 election,

“We must work hard to win the Rakyat again. Let’s wake up from this slumber.”

…..tweet tweet..tweet tweet..yawn….

So we  decided to wake your administration again! Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat!

The mainstream papers kindly showed a photo of you and your deputy tight to your handphones monitoring the event during your time in Terengganu,  were you proud of us? You should be because on that day we demonstrated your 1 Malaysia! *By the way your wife looks fit in her pink exercise outfit on that day.

Now my proposition is, spare the resources used to retain majority. Allow the reforms. Use the money purely for the Rakyat, your boys may even take some as ‘management fee’ *cough. But ultimately, through a fair electoral process, everyone will work harder to maintain their constituency through merit without the need of a spanking session prior to an election.

My thoughts may seem juvenile but bear in mind sometimes a simple habit will help rejuvenate a nation. In this case, applying common sense. With the added value your brand recall would be as,

‘The PM who detoxed Malaysia’ -Aidi Amin

You will be remembered for the right reasons.

May i also remind you that,

“Rakyat Belum Lena”  (The People Are Awake) – Aidi Amin

Warna kedaulatan tetap ku junjung, Kelantangan suara demokrasi jangan kau takut



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