What is love?

Love has no opposite.

A perversion of one’s ability to manifest genuine consideration for another simply contradicts the law of self preservation. We’re too selfish to sacrifice for anything without moral justification. You can however be indifferent and avoid this crisis by living alone in this world.

What is natural for humanity?

Its growth surely cannot be for the lack of contraception during Adam and Eve’s time. God could have save us from the dilemma caused by us but frankly, where’s the fun in that. We’re His porn show. Well alright let’s leave theodicy for some other day. Ask yourself is it right to to be dissociated from the exploits of love,romance and care beyond yourself?

I never understood why my father was such a private man until I learnt more about him after his death.

His life condition never gave him the opportunity to experience youth. He didn’t have someone to talk to and tell him it’s okay to cry and let it out. My father understood love as responsibility.

Despite my growing years without him, I begin to learn the meaning of love through Mama, Ayong and A-a. We were still a family but only different.

Some would say to deny love is safer than allowing yourself to get hurt. But I wish to see life beyond objective choices. After all I am human.



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