Girls’ Talk

A girl’s hairstyle is part of seduction.

In one of my regular talks with two awesome girls, a revelation was made as to why I (on behalf of men in general) would find a girl who looks plain to most girls, a sex bomb instead. According to them this has to do with a split second trick.

Imagine girls would only have to flick their hair to one side and BAM! She has you under her spell. It’s almost like a switch to turn you on. Get it? =p

Well I could relate this nugget of wisdom to a book I’m currently reading which is called Flipnosis. I have few chapters to go before understanding the art completely but in summary this is what the author has to say;

‘What if I were to tell you that a psychopathic arsonist might also be the person most likely to save you from a burning building?’ From the malign but fascinating powers of psychopaths, serial killers and con men to the political genius of Winston Churchill, this book explores what science can teach us about the techniques of persuasion.

As an example women could play a simple yet deadly move to make boys cry. One of their method of persuasion is by giving an after sex look. It toils with your imagination thus lures you into a fantasy of obtaining her.

As an extension of dry humping only subtler, our visual cue takes charge and sends a signal to the brain during of this cock tease which hides behind her innocent pout.

How effective is this deceptive technique? Well you be the judge from the photos below.

Fiction: They all have the ‘I had great time with you last night’ look.

Reality: You wish it was true.

Caution: Don’t fall for the eye, pout and hairstyle.

Remedy: Just ask for her number.


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