Love manual

The hallmark of a fanatic is one who believes the end justifies the means.

When i use pickuplines on girls it’s only because i’m a love fanatic. Before you  can find the right person to be with, you must first engage with any possible lead. How do you begin? Communicate your intention.

Last i checked, mind reading was just a conspiracy. (if you know someone who could please send me an email) You can second guess through obvious cues acted out by the ‘possible right one’ but  i’d rather approach her and break the ice. The fantasy of doing yoga with her on a Sunday morning by the beach will not happen if you don’t ask.


I’m known for abusing pickuplines. I’ll admit to that but bear in mind, it ensures 100 percent success rate. You don’t buy it? Well let’s put it into perspective, what is the objective? To engage with that other person. Therefore any reaction that comes from them is a positive reaction. Look at it objectively.

Now once you have their attention, this is when your real test of character begins. How would you like to redeem yourself and build a strong foundation in this ‘relationship’ -the way in which people are connected.

Here’s a rough guideline;

1. Have a decent conversation.

-Be sparing in your choice of topic.When in doubt, use Google or Bing.

2. Give attention by exercising your observation skills.

-Compliment on their appearance if you’re slow enough to pick up what they’re talking about.

3. Make room for contemplation.

-After first few minutes of talking, leave. Step back and think hard if you want to proceed or move on. It works both ways when that person has interest in you, a second approach will be welcomed with an open mind.

Now what happens after that? Well i’ll tell you next time.

Bear in mind it will only hurt more to see your friend make a move on that ‘possible right one’ just because you didn’t want to make a fool out of yourself. How ironic.


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