Social Media Loving


Apparently that’s all you have to do to get someone’s attention. While holding a bowl filled with cereal and full cream milk teetering on the edges thanks to a poorly open lid, it screamed a misfortune waiting to happen had someone poked me in real life. Thank god it was only on Facebook.

Fabricating the giggly sensation from a simple cheeky gesture such as poking, the warmth of romance is lost in today’s cacophony of Pings! Tings Tings Tings!

What brought this reduction of labour in romance?

In the early days of cyber romance, the media channels served as means to actually have a decent conversation with that girl in school in a controlled environment. (Safe from being teased by the boys) Or perhaps the dubious sincere brute honesty of ‘i’m 26 M looking for 23 F please PM me’ for a more purposeful chat. Whatever your intention was, you had to impress the girl on your level of depth in holding up a conversation on IRC before she would even think of showing you her other photos.

As the good ol timers say, those were the days…Now it’s all about who has the hottest avatar or profile photo. That is your new pitch.

Falling prey to the wisdom of a late 20’s girl (my sister) that the art of poking is an effortless means to see if the other person is equally interested. My last 10 pokes had a ROI of zero. Her theory goes;

“If that person pokes you back then you message them. In fact you can already add as a friend.That’s how i met…”

Charming but i want to work my way rather than poke and sit on it. The brewery of emotion cannot derive from a virtual poke. Can it? Well i did get few dates on facebook prior to this but only because i would then add them on msn and we would have chats for few days before actually exchanging numbers. Here’s however the current SOP.

You’re in a mall and you check in on Foursquare. Spot nice avatars, you add them. Use their contact email to search on FB and add them. Chances of anything progressing thereon is minimal. In the words of Ryan Reynolds in one of his movies, “you’re just friends”.

How do we escape this tyranny of social media fallacy in bridging romance?

Go out more. Drop more real life hellos. If that person you like has a blog or twitter, read more on him or her understand them. Next time you meet, you can be sure to trigger their stimuli. How? I’ll tell you next time on what you should talk about.


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