I cannot fathom a world without internet. When did we become dependent on global connectivity?

An over stretched vanity in humanity could be one of the contributing factors to stay online. Well in my case I needed to write and share this blog despite having to do it on a Blackberry because I don’t have a better half to share my wisdom *cough

So baby I’m a rockstar and the universe is my party whereas u’re my prop. I’m kidding…of course not cos even god needs groupies. Anyway back to this neurotic need to share with the world, it’s addictive because you get a certain high when someone quotes and talks about you!

How different was it before the internet?

Well besides the haphazard of hearsay, and risk of getting misquoted, it’s different when it’s archived in your fb status, blog posts, twitter timeline etc.

We have perfected the safe haven for vainpots to dwell and in fact dare I say create new media prophets. Now you know what Adam and Eve felt after that first bite…Mmm..

Every habit is in fact a disease of the mind according to a recent AP article. Dopamine gets released when you’re engaged in a particular activity that you associate with as a habit. This would eventually create a psychological dependency and denial of its overpowering addiction. Lost?

Don’t lie to yourself saying it’s just a habit. It’s rooted in your mind. I believe the curious incident of my exploded router was god’s sign to say,

“Get a life!” Amin


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