Friday sermon unrated

Fear punishment in the after life and one shall live righteously today.

Modernity may rob a man’s soul but not necessarily of his fear. Redirect his immediate fear to something beyond practical manifestation and you’ll bless him with a higher motivation to be a good man.

Policing will not guarantee the success of religion. It needs to be internalised. Heard of the Pygmalion effect?

You can’t expect a *corrupt man to be awakened by your sermon unless you speak his language.

*Concerned only with the physical world

His fear is bore by insecurity. How will my success be measured by? I want to experience some form of hedonism because after all I am human. I lust for primitive prompting before I die.

Now what will his family have to say about it when they see him stuck in hell sodomised by Satan with a pineapple? (South Park inspired)

Use the power of practical imagery. Every man is a creature of ego. Heck I still think I’m a sex god. But the question is to what extent one foolish enough to ignore potential humiliation?

The worst punishment one could get in the afterlife in my opinion is that, everyone will get to watch your misdeeds on full 3D HD.




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