I do yoga

Having a good core is like the preamble to man’s physical constitution.

Going to the gym is more than just to cultivate vanity (although some only train vain muscles) because health triumphs wealth anytime. Period.

Fitness shares the similar value of democracy. You need to exercise consistently to develop a stronger definition. (I love this allusion)

Now when was the last time you broke a sweat?

Contrary to popular misbelief that physical exertion involves heavy irons, expensive machines, exclusive memberships etc You can get a fit,hot body from home! Yes home!

Is this some direct selling?

Well I’m selling you the belief that with simple bodyweight workouts like pilates,YOGA,pushups and chinups, everyone can have the core of a sex god. (Humanity regard sex as the yardstick to performance)

For the ladies, do squats for your ass and pushups with palms inwards for that boob lift effect.

For the men, lower back exercises, squats, chinups and pushups will make you yet again a sex god.

Am I too upfront about it? Well life is short. I’m just trying to compensate the tragic brevity of time.



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