Take Me Out

Do Malaysians date much?

Before you ponder on that start by asking yourself , ‘when was the last time you had a good time with someone you barely know?’ Naturally it has to be with a stranger to call it a date but sometimes an outing with a friend or someone you’ve known for quite a while could potentially brew love and whatnot once chemistry kicks in.

We have glorified our country for its rich culture but do we truly appreciate it?

Will the power of meeting someone new guarantee an improvement in your quality of life or worthy of your time to experience the beautiful things in life? No. It merely grants you the chance to learn more about yourself and others in light of their perspective. Dating serves as a lesson on humanity.

I had few good dates which evolved into solid relationships in the past. The motivation to go on a date may vary for others but the incentive will be mutual. To have a good time.

“Love may be a game but the consistency of a relationship requires an internalised motivation.”

There will be fairy tale first dates and even downright slow deaths. Be wary of how the other person sells his/her quality. Exercise good communication, ask if you want to know. The answer may be sugar coated hence why you must read between the fine lines.

Situation example:

Him: What do you on weekends?

He meant-Do you go out with random guys often?

Her: Well i usually spend time with family and catch up on some sleep.

He thinks- Oh wow this must be a real date!

Him: Aah..so how’s work like? Do you always finish late and sacrifice rest?

He meant- Maybe i should push it forward and see if she’s available after work.

Her: Well that depends on the workload. But it’s usually not that bad unless we have a new client.

He thinks- Time to google search where’s her office.

Bear in mind the stages of courtship evolving into a relationship means future disinterested parties will lead to breakups but you need to taste the bitterness in life to appreciate the sweetness of romance.

How do you meet these men or women?

Enter Take Me Out Malaysia

We don’t go out much on a date with random people fearing uncertainty of their sincerity.  Worry not, all you have to do is just sign up and you will be served a platter of men and women who have been scrutinised and certified as ‘fit to date’.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a good date? Give it a try, if not you could date me. *wink


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