Nasi Lemak 2.0

A tasty local flavour for your satirical appetite.

Americans are funny, Brits are witty whereas Asians are quirky. Malaysians on the hand are tragically comedic.

It doesn’t take a Sherlock to understand the underlying script of Nasi Lemak 2.0 although an above average Malaysian temperance must be exercised to avoid a knee jerk reaction over racial stereotype humour.

Let us all not be hypocritical by brandishing Namewee as an insensitive prick when obviously all of us are equally guilty for poking fun at the antics of Malaysian government, individual ethnicity and most importantly our dubious local product! (I could totally relate to the national car scene)

“North-South, East-West, Sambal Belacan is the best!” –Yazid Ibrahim (1951-2011)

In a nutshell every story has plot points, conflicts and a climatic scene. The journey of self-discovery involving a man whose creed hails from the world’s most populous country, should be empathised by the majority for the unequal treatment received despite paying homage to this land since Merdeka.

The wound of an identity crisis for them if left untreated would be gangrenous in our cause for unity.

Colourful characters such as Karen Kong, Adibah Noor, Dato David Arumugam,
Afdlin Shauki, Kenny & Chee of Baba Nyonya, Dennis Lau, Reshmonu, Nur Fathia, Nadine Ann Thomas. Pete Teo, Felixia Yap  and Dian Sharlin is analogous to a ‘melting pot’.

It is interesting to watch the moral depiction of Chinese girls who can turn into hot babes after exploring with extensive makeups, Indians who have the ability to shine when given the opportunity, Malay girls who can be traditional yet horny on top of inability to use contraception hence the abused number of offspring and yes the ever mixed up Nepalese for a Bangladeshi due to our own ignorance and insensitivity.

If there is a lesson one could learn from watching this movie as I did with a Chinese girl as my date. It would be…

WALAO WEH! No wonder Lin Dan will always be mentally triumphant over Chong Wei.


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