Tweetfest Virgin

A social media event will always make me feel like a social misfit.

You tweet, you’re young and driven to get an eventful fourqsuare badge. Those are the most important criteria of a tweet festival participant.

The #OctTwtFest was nothing short of a circus (in a good context) with no holds barred karaoke, movie screening, live performances, and games. It made way to a fair share of an entertaining crowd together with a crowd of entertainers.

Girls turnout was impressive enough to dub it as a ‘Pesta Cari Jodoh’, and i must say such strong fashion statement from the girls like wearing a pair of yellow high waisted jeans, could have turned the Digi Yellow Man into a PR nightmare by causing an obtrusive bulge down there.

Despite the number of gorgeous Malay girls around, it wasn’t my place and time. So off I went to explore the other bit of fun. Board Games!

Now I was counting on some measurable fun by perhaps putting on some wager on a chess game. But, judging by the innocent looking kids in that room, the sign ‘Board Games’ reflected on the stereotype of ‘Boring Board Games’. So off I went to reason myself to stay just a bit longer to get the Epic Swarm Badge on foursquare.

The Karaoke Hall would have been the sanctuary for lonely souls. I swear some were screaming their lungs out to express their miserable love life. Well honey, I feel you and your voice clearly threatened the career for most artistes lined up for the day, but delivery counts. Shed few pounds, follow few fashionistas on twitter and BAM! you’ll get a man soon. For the guys, Karaoke only works if you’re having a duet or dedicate a song to someone with a terminal disease. Just saying man…

After few rounds inside checking few booths, BO from the crowd triggered a migraine. Few boys who just stood by the door blocking everyone’s path wasn’t helping either. I felt like telling the two boys just go and talk to the girls they were eyeing, cos obviously they’re not telepathic. It was the turning point of my youth. I have turned into a cranky old man.

So I was at the tweet fest for an hour plus, had few puffs of shisha, a RM1 limau ais, but i wish there was a higher social cause from the turnout. Nevertheless good job to the team for masterminding a World Record Event turnout cos that shit ain’t easy.


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