Seasonless love

Love’s maturity date comes in form but never in essence.

In my opinion it is a common mistake to accept our innate knowledge over courtship and romance as absolute truth. That would be an outright denial over the uncertainty of human emotion. Seduction on the other hand guarantees an endgame. Instead today I shall elaborate on the adage love is blind or better phrased as blinding love.

If someone tells me that he/she has found the one? I would say watch 500 Days Of Summer first.  Once you’re able to picture bitter reality of Cupid’s broken arrow, you will understand what maturity in love is all about.

Falling for someone is easy. Justifying you love that person is even easier. But once reality of humanity shows both of you are not compatible or better phrased as inconsistent reciprocity of emotion, denial comes naturally.

Love and respect yourself first. Otherwise it’s just sympathy and that puts your relationship on a lifeline support.

Relationships mature by making individuals accept their other half and realise change of character is not within expectation. Each will learn to accept everything that is about the other. The bitter sweet adage of love as blinding makes you a romantic or a defeatist when it comes to your ego.

The question about your ideal lover creates a paradigm of impermanence in true love. Ironic yet reasonable. Simply because one of you or both for that matter was uncertain during the game of courtship. Yes it is a game.

Be honest with yourself. What do you really want?

If you expect him or her to change, stop being selfish and preachy. Walk off and make room for someone who will appreciate your soon to be ex. After all that is part of maturity, realising it’s no longer your flavour of the month.

Sometimes people spend years in a relationship without realising that they have entered a comfortable zone simply because well, they were comfortable. But does that mean they have truly learn to accept one another?

The corruption brought by love is that you soon become lazy to seduce one another. No one said being mature in a relationship means less raunchy sex, less deep conversations and no more constant courtship.

I’m sure Summer Finn would have been more excited if Tom Hansen had suggested something other than pan cakes before she decided to break up. Or was she doing the right thing, to not waste his time.



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