A bowl of porridge and a girl

Numerologically beautiful dates are not auspicious. Or could it be? Well my days are magical enough whenever i experience love at first sight. *violin

It was 01.01am on the 9.11.11 when my bro picked me up from home. OMG the numbers?? Naah..false alarm.Well it was still a special day because that was when i first met bubur girl.

On normal working days, i wouldn’t have agreed to meet even after 10pm and what more of going to a ‘really’ late night market in Uptown Shah Alam! Ladies and gentleman, yes ada orang actually pergi shopping around that hour. In fact, Digi has sponsored a karaoke stage for anyone with the balls, insanity or only express their emotion through singing. I have witnessed a man singing, “aku tidak percayakan kau lagi….ooOoo…” at 2.00am without any company or groupie. Mind you, this went on while the crowd were around there to shop. *clap clap for him.

Now let’s get back to the girl who sold the ‘most delicious’ porridge in shah alam. I never thought that i would see myself having a meal between 12am to 3am at a market! My diet forbids any food intake during these hours and heck i should have been in bed or get ready for Tahjud. (An optional prayer performed only when you have taken a nap) *cough

But a swift divine intervention was as real as Kim Kardashian’s divorce. When i first saw bubur girl, i was reminded of a Japanese actress. Can’t remember her name or the movie title cos but i was fixated by her genuine smile of a hard working stall owner.

Her bubur was a bit sepah, with dried onions, anchovies, cili padi and some weird garnish, tapi hey cinta memerlukan pengorbanan as they say…Usually i would come out with a line and chat up a girl by then but i don’t always meet a Malay girl who could make me stutter. My bro was laughing to himself throughout the awkward moment as she came to our table. It went on like this…

Bubur girl: Ada pesan bubur kan. RM3.50

Me: Uhhhh yea.Ada.(trembling hands reaching for money in wallet)

Bubur girl: (Taps feet) *probably mumbling to herself cepatla bang oi

Bro: Kau sejak bila order bubur?

Me: Aku memang layan la. (should i use a line on her? but shit what bubur line can i come out with and in malay??)

*Nothing happened after other than having spilled the free sup kosong. Aah…it was love at first sight*violin

Sometimes the best things in life happens during unexpected dates. Give your day a meaning by expecting nothing and trying everything. I should have chatted with bubur girl cos a fraction of my heart was taken by her, but man…i still gotta teach her how to make bubur. (no it is not a pickup line)

Will i go to Uptown Shah Alam to see bubur girl again? Well…time will tell, and if it does end up being unrequited love then i guess i can sing it out at Digi’s karaoke stage.

OOoooohhh cintaaa kauu palsuuu lagi memalsukann…..



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