Marriage was never really a subject of serious interest until i realised dad will not be around in years to come.

In the past, wedding invites were sorted as junk mails (forgive me friends) and i was a real sceptic when it comes to devotion. Only time could change a man and after 12 years since my first true crush who became my girlfriend years after.  Now i’m finally open to the idea of finding the right person to marry. Perhaps i have mature like the Kurinji flower.

Adlyn Adnan & William See

“You can always have a girlfriend but having a wife is different…*laughs” -Yazid Ibrahim @ Abah

I was lucky enough to witness a fairytale wedding of Adlyn and William. Both are doctors who met during their uni years in Dublin. After watching their video montage at the wedding,  learning their courtship then being in relationship for 8 years, well even Grey’s anatomy can’t match their love story! It goes on to say, take your time in knowing the person you will wake up to every morning for the rest of your life.

Myself,Adly Adnan & Weina Lee, Kimberly

A marriage of culture as one would describe the wedding, everyone was looking forward to a similar theme as my best fried Adly, the bride’s brother who is also in a relationship with a Chinese girl. In this country, it takes serious commitment to have an interracial relationship as our political charlatans have instilled fear and stereotyping. It is important to have a companion who shares the same belief in working together against all odds.

The happy family

Marriage is a chapter in the book of love and one discovers hidden plots in the rituals of romance. Through healthy communication and intimacy both will find their soul landing place again.

Wedding dance

The beauty of companionship is to have someone you can talk to without fearing being judged and expect only wise words and assurance that it will be alright. I have always heard the saying that a girl will always find a man who shares the same qualities of her father.

Well it may sound awkward but i wish to have a companion who shares the wit, cynical view, passion, and easy approach on love like my father.



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