New 2012

Welcome every day to a fresh start, and the countdown in your life will cease to be relevant.

Each year we find ourselves celebrating how we have lived and cheer for a better tomorrow. Humanity is drawn by the promptings of loud music, beautiful colours of fireworks, stylish and sexy wear to complement the aftermath of intoxicating concoctions. New Year’s Eve parties offer a different side to our insanely routine universe.

The gaiety of a celebration is a self expression of hope, frustration and commitment to our resolution each year. I remember my last celebration which had an awful start as my date then threw a tantrum because we had to walk quite a distance while she was complaining about her make up and appearance. My resolution that year had been to talk to women better and i believe that night sealed my celebration as i succeeded in making her smile eventually.

One of my resolutions then was of course to assist in the search of curing cancer hence i sometimes turn on my PS3 despite not being an active gamer as i was told it would lend support to Stanford University’s Folding@home project. I knew my dad wouldn’t benefit from it but i hoped someday someone’s father will survive the limitations of the medical science today.

My career took another turn as well as i vowed to live a healthier and happier life. Journalism offered the best opportunity to understand humanity which i soon found egoistic ideals perpetuate internal conflicts that would only make me throw a sigh each day. It’s tough to work for women but it’s tougher to work for men who want to be treated like divas.

My late father was not too happy about my decision because he wanted to become a journalist. He said, i understand your anger but sometimes we have to deal with it while pursuing your dream. I could’t find it in me to tell him that i wasn’t sure of what my true dream was then. I broke his heart that day but i always told myself that i’ll make him proud one day. I learnt the hard way to never promise to yourself or others that you will do it someday in the future.

2011 woke me up. Sometimes i feel that abah is alive and well in Indonesia because i grew up without having him around most of the time. Our best conversations were always through BBM, SMS and random phone calls. He was my best friend,mentor and long distance father.

There was a time when i felt miserable and i called him up to hear his comforting and assertive voice. Abah said, “I’m sorry it’s my fault u’re having a bad day because i just made someone’s day miserable.” We both laughed and i told him to stop making cynical remarks to your staff because i’m paying for his karma.

That was my father, a man who could turn your life by just saying what was on his mind. It’s  time for all of us to do the same.

2012 will have a theme and it shall be ‘Led by spiritual needs’

I love you all and i will do my best in making your day better as well. That is a promise.



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