Coming together as equals

Men need sex and women want love.

Nothing escapes this simple premise, no matter how complicated is your relationship. As one upholds good communication and healthy intimacy in a quality relationship, root of its complexity lies in inconsistent acceptance of man’s true nature.

“The general inability to be solitary was the source of much of the world’s unhappiness” – Blaise Pascal

Bound to rile up feminists, romantics and Shakespeare, our goal to better understand members of the opposite sex must come from an honest view. It is the only right way in exploring our ‘agenda’. (a term popularised by the disenchanted)

“Insecurity and unhappiness is the recipe for a disastrous relationship” – Aidi Amin

When a man approaches a girl, his short term goal is to establish a communication line. His mid term goal is to have sex and  any long term goals will depend on his level of maturity.

Whereas for a girl who allows a man to talk to her, her short term goal is to size him up. Her mid term goal is to have a date and any long term goals will depend on how much faith she still has on love.

When will a casual flirt cross the danger of fictitious romance? How does one know if it is love or just pure lust? Is this even real when we have only met recently? Is it just a phase or a spark or is this even true love?

Insurance companies don’t sell premiums on love. Let your heart guide your actions and your mind stay objective on what you really deserve. You cannot have control over a person’s moral righteousness but you can always exercise self interest first!

A great way to measure someone’s prospect is through their consistent behaviour. Their choice of words in a conversation; minute actions without expecting any merits from you; in fact the simple things reflects his or her moral belief when it comes to treating someone he or she cares.

Just don’t expect someone to change who they are, because love is about acceptance. If you can’t live with it, deny any progress before someone gets hurt.

There is nothing wrong with living for the moment, for as long as you know what is best for you.


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