Keretapi Sarong Terlucut

Telur sebiji riuh sekampung. Sarung segerabak meriah jadinya.

Another feel good outing organised by RandomAlphabets with hundreds of sarong clad Malaysians and a few foreigners that was inspired by the more provocative No Pants Subway Ride.

Now to spare my misery from going into the history of sarong in our society, you may find this link ‘sarong 101‘ extremely educational. Terms such as Men’s Unbifurcated Garment,  The Sarong Song which goes like;

“You are the sexiest thing I have seen today,” said somebody else’s woman, staring a hole through the front of my gray and black sarong. “How would you know?” I responded. “It’s still early.”

Well enough to say you should visit the link but for now let us revisit the day where 500 people *source did a favour for Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Tourism by parading a beautiful design of our nation across the fabric of society.

The Keretapi Sarong event was innocently fun and meaningful as each sarong wearer gets to share their story. From the cheeky “My sarung also functions as an internal exhaust fan” to a child’s “First sarung”, the event gave Malaysians a reason to be expressive, share few laughs, and even be destined for love at sight with one of the ‘kebaya girls’.

As for my side of the story, it was just about a lonely son.

From left to right: Cepot, HashimHD, myself with the beret

I wore my late father’s sarong and beret. He was taken away last Ramadan and at times when i miss him i will wear his stuff to find strength. It makes me feel closer to him and i must say the man did have good taste, so i wouldn’t be committing a fashion crime.

I remember as child, my father would sit on this big chair and i would then sit on the floor between his legs while watching tv. His sarong somehow transformed into this cocoon, to which i attest is the most comfortable spot for any child. It was my safe haven.

That was my first recollection of the sarong. And in fact my warmest memory of Abah. In future perhaps my child will find the same comfort in me.

A melody in the background as i write this post.


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