Love and ego

Reality of love will never be as beautifully orchestrated like in other form of art and literature.

The truth about this submission, expression and conviction of an emotion can be demonising as well as charming in our course of learning. Every now and then we question over our readiness to accept another and abandon our  ego.

The presumption – girls matures faster than boys can be demeaning to a boy’s ego. Since the emerging period of competition during childhood, a boy who is shorter among the rest, weaker, and less attractive will be a subject for picking during puberty. These troubled times of character building, as one bluntly puts it, a girl who is taller, stronger, less feminine will be victimised as being ‘ungirly’.

Bullying is not the subject for today, despite women known to be great bullies and men as great jesters. This is not a call to discriminate anyone’s behaviour as ignorant to conscience. Safe to say a girl’s hormonal clock simply outpaces a boy’s rate from becoming a man.

Going through the existing number of emotional hardship suffered by my loved ones, I sought to understand and question the rationale behind their subsequent disillusionment.

Most prospective girls stick to their high school or college sweethearts until they graduate. They then meet someone from the working world. Playing the game of odds, the girls soon averaged their heartbreaks and become jaded. By this time they fall into the group of women professionals aged 27-35.

Boys however discover their market value at age 25 or after their first heartbreak.

Emotional burnout is a condition suffered by the group of women highlighted above. They have invested their emotion as part of an egoistic need to be with the right man and complete the journey of being a woman. Love is translated as a need for recognition by peers that her life is perfect now, because she has someone who accepts her as she is. It has been a struggle for her since the first day of puberty.

Emancipated from neediness for a girl to validate his existence, a boy develops interest for girls as some form of gratification but soon discovers his value is worth more. Carving an ego over his significance among women racing against their ‘cut-off’ date, his knowledge on love has yet to grant him wisdom, but only a form of empowerment.

Crude picture supported by an egoistic desire. The flaw lies in our inability to love and accept ourselves first. We are misled by the falsity of a made up deficit that there is not enough self love to get us by.

A girl is only a woman when she steers on the sea of life without discriminating herself or the boys. Because she knows the boy is also lost and finding his way to become a man.


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