Manly advice

Sometimes all we need is just a pretty good advice. Not in terms of perspective but on the quality of information given.

Men are absolutely clueless in certain areas and often seek advice from even more clueless people who rely on hearsays. Ranging from how to get a girl, what gifts should he get for her, should there be a prenuptial agreement or even proper family planning, and the list goes on as long as it involves a woman.

As much as i would like to go into the subject of romance and the promising pursuit of eternal happiness with a woman, today’s conversation with the boys was about over sweating, B.O. and premature ejaculation.

I sweat easily. The odds of me suffering from hyperhidrosis is possible if not probable. This brings conflict in my life as the clothes in my wardrobe are mostly white. To make things worse, i just realised sometimes it emits a foul stench. Or body odour! Arguable as some of my loved ones attest i have none but Hashim insists i do.

This of course comes a week after my eldest sister raised the alarm to visit the dentist after a lecture on halitosis. Evidence of self diagnosing myself with bad breath however is inconclusive, although having a pack of mint with you is perhaps practical considering my job involves meeting people and not animals.

Revisiting the conversation i had with the boys, the question was on the effectiveness of a deodorant. Nahar suggested i should use Aiken powder because he has been using it for the past few years. I take his word for it since he is married, and his wife would have told him otherwise if it hadn’t work.

As how most conversations would spiral into a dialogue of old folks tips and advices, there are in fact simple and reasonable means to reduce the stench of your sweat.

1. Consume lime juice @ Limau Nipis because it has strong disinfectant and antibiotic properties that can remove body odour and rejuvenate your skin…”

2. Cut down on red meat intake as it is the primary cause of body odor, because it “putrefies” in your digestive tract and releases toxins in your bloodstream.

(Read more on what foods decrease body odour at livestrong)

Moving from the subject of deodorants and how it darkens one’s armpits,  the discussion went to another discreet matter for men out there -premature ejaculation. Despite the availability of ‘Ubat Lelaki Kuat’ in the market, from Gambir, Minyak Belacak to Datuk Harimau, one which has a strong branding from its name, one must say it’s word of mouth marketing triumphs over any reasoning behind its effectiveness or process for that matter.

In this area i believe every guy must at be exposed to Tantric sex. Or a more practical instead of a yogic philosophy, sign up for cross fit training.

Going to the gym is the first step. But understanding the mechanics of each exercise movement and how it helps you develop total fitness will help you master your universe.

A man’s body houses his soul and any connection to another body would require a strong core from one’s end of the bridge to another. Too deep? Well here are the simple steps.

1. Develop your core strength.

2. Control your breathing.

3. Train your hip movement.

Once you’re set and ready to go. Put on some Barry White music and recite the mantra, “it is an emotion in motion.”

Spread the brotherly love. Peace



  1. It is an emotion in motion?? HAHAHAHA. nice.
    on the subject of food and BO – turmeric and assam jawa (what is that in English?) combined and taken as jamu works too. Or you could just go to the makcik jamu at carrefour and buy some ready to mix sachets and make your life that much easier. 🙂

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