Unbound you

Most of the things we go through in life are merely symptoms to a rooted cause. A doctor once said to me,  “warts and cones are outcomes of a viral infection. You can’t just use a nail clipper, it’s a condition which requires healing and not just solving”

Simple yet brilliant. We often find ourselves reacting to a situation (not problem) before reflecting and understanding its gravity and the necessary measure required.

David Allen  gave me an advice while i was driving, (from his audio book of course) to have “a mind like water”. By which he meant, each time you throw a pebble into it,  it does not under react or over react but simply reacting to accordingly.

Now this Miyagi like advice is not just an abstract truth. Sometimes there are people or situations that will challenge our value but in order to prove our realm of mind, we have to be tested by hardship in this world.

You can’t recover the economy before resolving greed, instilling political stability without respecting one’s right to disagree, preach fairness and righteousness of a religion before understanding humanity first.

Let us not talk about Greece, discuss the Malaysian dilemma or the region instability brought forth by conflicting ideals of Sunni and Shiite. Ask yourself the leading question, “am i honest with myself?”

Before we can solve the situation gone through by others, we need to develop our own values. Sometimes our actions are misled motivation triggered by a need to be validated.

Hamza Yusuf through his work, “Purification of the Heart” teaches one to be introspective in order to understand humanity. All of the illnesses we suffer from are merely symptoms. The center of the universe lies in our heart.

Your ego means nothing 6 feet under. Call yourself royalty or a pauper, the kingdom most sought by others belongs to you. Your heart. Guard it and you will find that life has always been fair.



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