What are you doing with your body?

Your body does not lie. Only the mind will play tricks on you.

When was the last time you exercised? It need not be an excruciating workout. But perhaps one that has enough intensity to make you feel really good about yourself after.

It all depends on your lifestyle. What sort of working hours you have, who do you hangout with, when do you have the time to meet and most importantly where do you go to for a timeout?

Well I’m not here to preach about opting for the sort of healthy social activities other than your ‘happy hour’ sessions at cafes or pubs. We all have primitive promptings of meat, mead and women *cough (you get the point) But let us look at life objectively. At the end of the day we want to function better in a society.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” (a sound mind in a healthy body)

A 27-year U.S. Navy veteran, Ken Greaves at the recent CrossFit Games said he was a big believer that aging is attitude. Now at 56 years old, he has not excused himself to a greater service after the army. His own body.

You are what you eat as the saying goes. Nutrition however is not rocket science. If you’re not sure about what to feed your body then stick to basics. Learn about the Caveman Diet.

To quote Matt Emery, “the Caveman Power Diet increases energy, the ability to burn fat, and gets you in touch with your natural instincts. It’s not just a way to lose weight. It’s a healthy approach to making your body indestructible.”

My advice? Eat half of what you normally eat. Less sugar. Avoid processed food. Steak is good and so are berries. Lots of fluid too. Oh yes greens. Too hard to eat veggies? Get your wheatgrass shot at Juice Works or Boost Juice three times a week.

How do you really start doing it?

You need a listener. You need a friend. You need a trainer.

You need to #trainwithaidi.


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