Women deserve better

Do women have to workout to look hot?

Well like what I always tell my friends and trainees. Do it for yourself. You can always look good but you should always feel great!

The mirror is not your enemy. The weighing scale is not your enemy. The cosmetics and fashion industry is not your enemy. Your self-doubt is your enemy.

How do you build self-confidence to counter even the slightest uncertainty over your appearance? Am I fat? Do I look old? What happened to my boobs? Oh no my ass? Why is god cruel?

“Men are attracted to confidence more than boobs, faces, or ass. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and refuses to care what others think.”

How would you expect a person to love you if you don’t start loving yourself? Begin with inward beauty. Your values.

Be genuine with what you say and do. No doubt girls can be bitchy but doesn’t mean they can’t be nice and objective. Perhaps you can start by being nice with yourself first.

Sweat out your frustration. Women are bitter because they keep everything inside. You’re not born to be mean. You’re conditioned to portray an image as your defense mechanism.

Learn a thing or two from crossfit babes. They deal with their issues at the gym. They look hot too!

How do you really start doing it?

You need a listener. You need a friend. You need a trainer.

You need to #trainwithaidi


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