Being your dad

Fatherhood is the closest thing to being a rock star. Your child will forever be a loyal groupie no matter what you do.

“Never judge a man. He will only learn through his mistakes.”

I remember all of my conversations with him by heart. He was a friend, mentor and a long distance father. He was my idol.

A man understands love yet shows it differently. He is a husband to his wife, a father to his children, and head of his clan. Of course not forgetting that he is a member of a lifelong fraternity – His Bros.

In a contrast of showing leadership and winning the popularity vote, all fathers never stand a chance against being hated at some point in life. His character however will win the hearts of many again.

I am nowhere close to being the great father such as mine. His passing however taught me how great a man can love his child. And I wish only to share the same with mine one day.

Happy father’s day. Spend some quality time with yours. Every man has a soft spot.

My child will make my day when he chooses to do crossfitkids with me.


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