Emotional inconsistency does not reflect well in your commitment. One is naïve to think fluidity of conviction could wrest heartbreaks or disappointments in life. There is simply no success without averaging failures.

The room for contemplation is marked by one’s ability to fall back into temporal sadness. Grieve is a powerful catapult to self-realisation. We just have to know when to release ourselves from it.

My understanding on most things today has been an accumulation of lies built upon lies. Values are a congestion of moral presets determined by an ever-hypocritical society. Why bother? Who are you trying to impress?

Love cannot be that simple. Relationship can however be dull. An imprisonment to their true ideals caged by the convention of what is right.

A man’s constitution must never be corrupt. It may be tested but never rooted with self-doubt. Such is the worst kind of tampering. Doubt.

Knowledge is critical. The wise is our salvation. I have none to mentor my reasoning. Only questions left hanging in search of the naked truth.


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