New chapter

It’s easy to miss the years when you let your habits take charge. They say treat life as a journey and the boundaries of your destination will remain a state of mind.

The Gregorian calendar may reach its end but Muharram brings a second chance to start anew this year. Time for a revised resolution(s) for one’s spiritual and physical wellbeing safe a caveat.  Have a plan but just don’t fall in love with it.

My goals will be focused on love and responsibility. Doing what I love yet remain responsible to those dependent. Nothing is more fulfilling than a selfless pursuit of happiness.

I have learned more about myself since abah’s passing. My worth and best ability to be a good son and a man of promise. I have failed a few times and I hope to redeem myself before my time comes.

Hate is an escape from love. Many times I find myself at odds against fate only to realise that life situations are opportunities for us to make the best out of it. I am a result of my own fear. I no longer wish to live a coward.

I apologise to those who have been victimised by my mistakes. They were habits and now it’s time to make a difference.

With Allah’s blessing I will cease to procrastinate positive actions on my part and be more responsible to everyone I love.

I only wanted to be the best for Abah and now it’s time to be the best of me.

Thank you Mama, A-a, Ayong, Gillie, Hashim, Steph, Annie, Aishah and most importantly Ireena Amer for being there. All of you were there when i needed Abah most.

*We all have our Bucket List. That’s what Abah used to say.


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