Firm grip

Some judge a man from his handshake. A first impression on the slip of subconscious, it reflects his mannerisms and confidence.

Perhaps the moral ground behind a good grip may pose some fallacy when cultural or religious differences come into picture. But then again, would he or she stay firm in respect of these barriers and remain opposed to social norms? Get a grip, it’s your ideal so live up to it.

Even at the gym I found that the fluidity of one’s motion in weightlifting is limited by his grip. Understanding can never be stressed enough in a situation of esoteric knowledge and divine truth.

“You only lose what you cling to.” ~Buddha

Tonight I had the opportunity of meeting Imam Afroz Ali, a man who has shed light on my increasing doubts on ethics and morals in Islam despite the brevity of our meet. If I may impart some of his echoing words;

Islam is not a revolution or a solution to every dilemma in the world today but it is meant to change a man by attributing his deeds in the name of Allah S.W.T.

He must first act on what he knows and Allah shall grant him the knowledge of what he has yet to know. One finds bearing by using his moral compass.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Da Vinci

We lose our focus each time a conflict becomes too overwhelming and clearly one that haunts humanity for long is our crisis of identity. Resorting many to the comfort of consumerism as cleverly said by Imam Afroz;

If we have an iPhone 4s that is working well and decide to get an iPhone 5 just because of its launch, we are then subjected to materialism.

Many would not agree to his premise on the pitfall of consumerism. Our need to develop an identity in this world makes us spend most of our wealth creating a facade rather than investing time in self-discovery. We tend to lose our grip on substance over form.

Sometimes my grip gets weak each time I lose focus. Insha Allah after reading the book by Toshihiko Izutsu concepts will become clearer to me.


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