Selfish belief

Write drunk; edit sober that’s what Hemingway said. I’m pretty high on emotion right now, and that sums up.

Extremely loud and incredibly close is an approximation of our fear despite our attempt to run or hide from. Mine had always been the fact that no one else could understand me better than my dad.

I never cared how my life would turn out as long as I have him to have conversations and do things with.

All I wanted was a simple life with him around.  Call it short of an ambition but have you heard of the story about a child who asked his father how much he makes in an hour? I knew I could never buy his ideals.

He only wanted to provide. But our comfort offered no luxury of his time.

Cancer didn’t take him away. Selfish view on love did. I will learn to live out his lessons. Even the ones that he picked up too late.


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